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The MiLC is endorsed by LEAARC as a Recognized Breastfeeding Course for 53 hours. The CERPs-only program has been recognized by IBLCE for 25.5 CERPs -> 8.00 L (Contact) CERPs 2.50 E (Contact) CERPs 15.00 R (Contact) CERPs.

Payment options

If you are a DOD ID-cardholder, or current volunteer with M2MG/BFINCB, please contact for your discount code. To learn more about our volunteer rates, contact

Equity Pricing and Scholarships

Financial hardships will not be a barrier to obtaining the MiLC. Our pricing is affordable to everyone, but if you need additional financial assistance, please click here. 1st Quarter Applications: Deadline March 31 with Announcements in April 2023

Course Modules

  • 1

    Military Breastfeeding

    • Military Breastfeeding

    • MiLC Module 1 References, Links, Resources

    • MiLC Module 1 Assignment: Self Reflective Assessment

    • MiLC Module 1 Survey

  • 2

    Breastfeeding and Public Health

    • Breastfeeding and Public Health Lesson

    • MiLC Module 2 Handout and Readings

    • MiLC Module 2 Assignment: Self Reflective Assessment

    • MiLC Module 2 Survey

  • 3

    Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding

    • Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding Part 1

    • Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding Part 2

    • MiLC Module 3 Handout and Readings

    • MiLC Module 3 Self-Assessment Assignment

    • MiLC Module 3 Survey

  • 4

    Lactation Communication and Counseling

    • Communication and Counseling Lesson

    • MiLC Module 4 Handout and Readings

    • MiLC Module 4 Self-Assessment Assignment

    • MiLC Module 4 Survey

  • 5

    Breastfeeding Trials and Tribulations

    • Trials and Tribulations Part 1

    • Trials and Tribulations Part 2

    • MiLC Module 5 Handout and Readings

    • MiLC Module 5 Assignment: Self-Assessment

    • MiLC Module 5 Survey

  • 6

    Ethical Obligations for the Military Lactation Counselor

    • Ethical Obligations Lesson

    • MiLC Module 6 Handouts and Readings

    • MiLC Code of Conduct

    • MiLC Scope of Practice

    • MiLC Module 6 Assignment: Self-Assessment

    • MiLC Module 6 Survey

  • 7

    Counseling Skills Development

    • MiLC Counseling Skills Assignment: Self Reflective Assessment

    • MiLC Counseling Skills Survey

    • Module 7 handout (Pre-homework and Class Scheduling)

  • 8

    Lactation Telehealth Internship 5 Hours

    • Log Your Internship Hours

    • MiLC Internship Survey

    • MiLC Internship Assignment: Self-Assessment

Mom2Mom Global Store

  • Who are we? Mom2Mom Global is a worldwide network of breastfeeding support and advocacy for military families. We are all volunteers, and our purpose is to provide consistent, high-quality peer support through local chapters and liaisons at U.S. military installations, to increase access to accredited lactation professionals for all military families, and to provide a channel to raise awareness and solutions for the concerns of military breastfeeding families. All proceeds support the operational costs incurred to sustain our nonprofit organization and help to continue the support as we open more chapters around the globe. As a reminder, all orders include FREE U.S./APO shipping!