New M2MG/BFINCB Volunteer AND Already hold a lactation credential?

This course has been recognized by IBLCE for 1.5 L-CERPs

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Military Breastfeeding Module

    • Program Overview

    • MiLC FAQ Flyer

    • Military Breastfeeding

    • Military Breastfeeding References, Links, Resources

    • Military Breastfeeding Survey

    • MiLC Module 1 Assignment: Self Reflective Assessment

    • Questions about Enrollment


  • Who should become a Military Lactation Counselor ?

    Ideal for military or civilians working with lactating military families in a wide variety of settings (hospitals, birth centers, clinics, WIC, New Parent Support, etc)

  • Will I earn any credits after completing the MiLC course?

    MiLC offers 53 LEAARC approved lactation education hours and is recognized by IBLCE for 8.00 L (Contact) CERPs 2.50 E (Contact) CERPs 15.00 R (Contact) CERPs.

  • Why is MiLC unique?

    It provides equitable, culturally appropriate support for the unique needs of breastfeeding military families.

  • Are there prerequisites to enroll?

    No. We provide a comprehensive training online, with pre-recorded video content taught by military-affiliated lactation professionals, followed by external assignments.

  • I'm already an IBCLC, should I also become a MiLC ?

    In addition to the lactation education training, MiLC will walk you through providing culturally appropriate and accessible support to military breastfeeding families.

  • I need CERPs to recertify my current Lactation Credential. How can MiLC help?

    We have a CERPs Only MiLC program that is recognized by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBCLE) for 8.00 L (Contact) CERPs 2.50 E (Contact) CERPs 15.00 R (Contact) CERPs.

  • I don't usually work with military families, can I still take the MiLC course?

    Of course! While the instruction does include some military specific material, the lactation education is comparable to any other program and presented through an equity lens.

  • I want to become an IBCLC, will this help me reach my goals?

    Once you complete the Full Program, you will receive 53 hours of lactation education which will count towards the 95 lactation education hours required to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

  • Will MiLC fit into my schedule?

    You can learn at your own pace with our hybrid online modules and practical, community-based assignments.


Mom2Mom Global continues to be committed to providing equitable lactation education, whilst being the only LC certification to include culturally appropriate support, diversity and inclusion in its training.